HELP! No spark, Motori SEVEN L4 125cc TAG

My engine is getting no spark and wont start. The spark plug is wet, the carb is spotless… no spark.
The on/off switch light is flashing as the crank is turned but no start.
Has anyone any ideas before I buy a new ht lead and pack?

Please help, Sunday is trackday…

Have you tried a new sparkplug? Could be electrics or stator or something like that.

I tryed it with a new NGK, no spark. Haven’t gone at the stator yet, hopefully it is something easier before I go at that.

Is it common for these engines to have no spark? Is the stator a part to fail?

All parts on a kart engine can fail. Are you seeing a spark when you turn the engine over? You might just be flooding the engine with a carb in need of a rebuild

No no spark, carb rebuilt and thoroughly cleaned. No spark with plug touching the block

What kind of ignition is on this engine. Are you using an onboard starter or external. Sometimes they take a decent spin to spark at all and the onboard starter is not up to the job.

I’m using an external starter to start it. I deleted the onboard battery and battery tray. The external battery is fully charged and has power to turn the engine over… il take a picture shortly when I am in the workshop.

Changed the coil pack for a new part today and fitted a new Denso Iridium plug, she started first turn.
Thanks for your help

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