Help to identify this kart

I picked this up today and was hoping someone could identify the make.

That’s a yard kart which may have been manufactured or may have been built. (Me and a pal made a kart like that when we were kids).

Unlike race karts, don’t think they are homologated for racing. Race karts typically have a plate which has a bunch of info on it that identifies the chassis. Look to see if there’s a plate on the chassis.

That kart looks legitimately old to me. Feels like 70s but yard karts didn’t necessarily evolve like race karts so maybe it’s 80s.

What are you hoping to do with this? Restore and ride?

For modern yard karts check out sites such as:

Here’s a new version of what you have there:

A lot of yard karts can have suspension since folks whang em around off road.

planning to clean it up, tear it down, paint, new motor and let the kids beat on it!! Just was curious as to a make. The guy i got it from believed it was from the 60’s.

It might indeed go back to 60s. It could be that someone who knows old karts might recognize it.Looks like a fun project. If the older engine proves to be a pain, you could probably get a harbor freight type engine working on it.

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I’m not sure that’s a “yard kart”. Looks more like a vintage race kart to me.

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If its from the 60s I suppose so. It does look like the ones in the old ads.

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Looks like an old Simplex from the early 60’s

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