Help with identifying cart frame

I recently picked up a used cart and was wondering if someone could ID the frame for me? It had alot of surface rust so I have already stripped it and primed it. Thanks.

cart ? shopping cart ?

Is there a little plate with writing in it somewhere towards the back of the chassis? That would have homologation info.

Appears to be an oval kart, so won’t have any homologation info.


Appears to be an older phantom dirt oval chassis. Best bet it’s to contact them or any other large dirt kart maker and see if they can identify.


@tjkoyen Interesting. Did not know that about oval chassis.

Homologation is a European thing. American karts (of which all oval/dirt oval karts are) don’t have rules regarding homologation or anything.

Some Euro chassis brands will make specific American market karts that aren’t homologated a lower price point with specific changes for American circuits, tires, and classes. Homologating stuff costs money.