Help with learning about kart mechanics - getting started in this new hobby

Hey everyone!

I’m new here, so I’m sorry if I’m doing anything wrong.

I live in the Denver Colorado area, and after racing at Unser and K1 since I was about 9 (currently 14) I’m looking to get more involved in karting. I don’t yet have the budget to own a kart, so I’m looking at a few places that offer some relatively quick rentals. I like to think I’m a relatively good driver (I Ususally place in the top 5 for quickest monthly lap for Unser karting). This summer I’m going to start attending one of these locations and regularly practice there.

My question is: do you guys have any resources for learning about how karts work (in depth, I know the basics) and how their engines work? I feel that it I know more about my vehicle I’d be more confident with it.

Thank you!