Help with mechanic

Just bought a kart came with two kt100 motors. Took the guys word it ran. He said it had old fuel in it anyway. Tired of screwing with it need a good place to send both motors off gor freshen up or rebuild whatever needs to be done. Just looking to piddle around with these. As been sober almost 8 years run a air conditioning business. And need a hobby as I’m going crazy. So any recommendations would be appreciated thank you and God bless

Gratz on the sobriety. Been there too. Karting is a good diversion.

Where in the USA are you? There’s a bunch of well known builders nationally but there may be something local.


Texas southeast area and thanks.

Funny thing is I Google in this area and bring me to the place. Which is cool.

I know a guy in Waco that might be able to help. He is very well versed in the KT100’s. If you want, I can reach out to him and see if he would be interested. They recently move up to TaG, but he still may fool around with it.

Yes please that would be great thanks you

If you’re in southeast Texas, how do you plan to run the KT100? If you plan to race, there really isn’t much in the way of a class for them around. Besides whoever Greg finds you, I know that P1 Engines in California works on KT100s, and I am sure Woltjer in Oklahoma also works on them.