HHC Carb information

Does anyone know anything about the HHC 97 carb. It came on an engine I have and wanted some info, whether other makes of carb rebuild kits will work etc

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You can use a standard tilloston HL360 rebuild kit for it. I had one very similar to it in the 90’s. Very tunable, I found it less sensitive than the Ibea’s of the time.

My guess on the engine is Rotax DSC.

Got the images fixed up for ya. One of them got a bit mixed up.

Yes it is on a dsc. Will be running it for the first time this weekend on my vintage kart. Any idea on a starting point for the jets?

That’s nice that they are letting you run it in vintage… Sometimes those groups are very specific.

Jetting… It depends on a bunch of factors of course, including popoff. With mine, I remember starting with 1.5 on the high and 1.0 on the low running 8psi popoff. You could start there, then when you get on the track, open up the high until lit starts “four stroking”.

Where are you located by the way?

Thanks for the info. I am located in New Zealand. The rules for our vintage class are any chassis or engine that commenced production before the end of 1995 are eligable and there are no rules around carbs. Not a huge number of good carbs floating around down here so cant be too restricted

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