Hilliard Clutch

Has anyone had a problem getting the bearing race to go on the crankshaft for a hilliard Clutch

Yes. Any burrs on edges of the keyway will do that.

Good to make sure that clutch hub has no play on crankshaft (should be just proud of end of crank when you tighten retention bolt to ensure this) so that the clutch key doesn’t beat up the keyway.

If there is keyway damage, depending on amount can clean it up with scotch bright / sandpaper / file to knock down the high spots.

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I run my clutch inboard and can not get the bearing race to slide on the crankshaft.

I too run my little guy’s clutch inboard.

I suppose you could have a bearing out of tolerance or a crank out of tolerance - but I think it much more likely that you have either some galling/corrosion/buildup on crank preventing the bearing race to slide on, or you have a chewed up keyway with raised metal that is causing your problem.

Having dealt with it previously a time or 3, my money is on the keyway.

I run mine inboard too, only one around here…yiu dont say but the Flame and Fire bushings and bearings are the same and can confirm they work in and outboard. Poster above is correct, use some fine emery to smooth the keyway lip. Also note the washer orientation and sequence. In order its 1. thick washer with the concave side towards the engine to accommodate the shoulder on the crank 2 bushing 3. bearing 4.drum and sprocket 5. “sprocket out” washer 6 thick washer 7 0.5mm washer 8 clutch foot assembly.