Hold up.. AI single seater race?

I just discovered this, AI single seater race? Is this the future of racing?

Highlights of this are abysmally dull. The cars barely function as a race. It seems half-baked.

RoboRace was already a thing that no one watched.

AI will improve to a point that it can drive a car at a high level, but without the human element I can’t imagine it would ever replace typical racing.


I think it will be amazing but it will be an epic battle of engineers but not really racing. It will be like setting a sub 6 nurburing lap. We already know ai drives sim faster than humans.
So I guess we will see people racing to make the best racing ais, which could be very interesting. Battlebots but higher tech.


Its only the future if humans place value in it. Nothing suggests humans are interested in sport without the human factor.

This event has had a LOT of money spent on promotion btw.


It was more like a demonstration of how AI learns. It’s part of a wider AI / mobility expo going on here this weekend.

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Yeah they called it DriftX, clickbait if you ask me. Not a drift car in sight :joy:

Seems like a huge event in there. I was just watching the intro for couple mins and it lost my interest. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah little to no interest here. Fireworks were pretty awesome though, I can see the track from my bedroom.

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The highlights of the 3hrs livestream event…

Only two months to develop! Pretty crazy. One thing that confused me…. Lockups. No ABS?

Im assuming they just used the stock brakes from the super formula car. Maybe the AI was supposed to teach itself how to not lock up?

I swear my Model Y could make it round the track faster then some of these cars in Full Self Driving mode.

My brothers old Datsun could have made pole

There’s been a uni autonomous competition that goes better i think

Ah so autonomous racing is already begining since covid. Yeah the abu dhabi one it looks horrible.

Purdue (and I’m sure other) universities have autonomous programs, often using karts because karts > everything else


Thats perfect, i can still go racing on the weekend, without having to bring my driver with me. He always costs me a fortune at the concession stand.

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The Googly eyes are a nice touch.

No wayyyyy. Autonomous gokart. Holy crap. What a world we live in. Everything is autonomous. Where is the fun? What are they trying to achieve with these whole autonomous thing.

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It’s an engineering and tech exercise.

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