Homework for a 13 yr old

My 13 year old doing her homework ahead of her next trip to Abu D @Terence_Dove :+1:t3:

She wants a suit and lid, I’ve set her lap times to beat at Yas and Dubai to earn them, and sent her Terence’s book to help her achieve them :grin:


Oooh! This is a good gift item for karters. I have also given young people copies of this book. What’s cool about it is while Terence didn’t write it for new racers, exactly, a new racer can read it and benefit, particularly as they go along and refer back.

Ooh idea… celebrate a milestone at some point with a @KeslerDesignWorks helmet design to graduate her from the “white helmet gang”.

Ok I’ll stop spending other peoples money now.

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Thanks Richard and Dom, I hope she got passed the foreword and got some use out of it, and has the new lid and suit on the way!

Little bit busy so they wouldn’t let me put cones out, instead we used the yellow bar as a braking point for @Terence_Dove braking exercises which she totally took onboard and was locking up nicely to rotate at the tighter turns even during the same session, she’s quite comfortable doing it now. And I was doing a good impression of Terence behind the tecpro fist smashing my palm shouting HARDERRRRR :joy::joy:. I’d set her a target of within 2s of me to earn a suit. She managed 1.6 behind me on the senior rentals. When she was on her own with the rental crowd she was fastest on track :muscle:t3:

Suit arrives tomorrow just in time for some sessions at Karting Town up in Sharjah. I have an audition for Toyota Motorsport Academy next week so we’re going up there to learn the track a bit.

So we switched it up to CRG Briggs. Her target was a 48.xx get a helmet on the way…….

SK6 on the way.

She dropped .6 on one corner, so she could’ve easily managed a 47.6 which is a very respectable time with hard tyres on.

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