Honda CR ignition coil life

What maintenance schedule do you use for pm with ignition coils for Honda CR engines?

I just bought two new OEM coils to hopefully avoid missing any more sessions on race day with my cr80rb. A couple of people recommend replacing them yearly, about every ten events, to avoid trouble. Does that sound about right for sprint racing?

I think having one handy is definitely a good practice. On preventative replacement, after each season seems reasonable. It’s going to vary depending on so many things though.

How is yours mounted?

It’s mounted between the carburetor and the engine, on the chain drive side. It does get warm there, but I’d guess the key thing to kill them is vibration, especially compared to a motorcycle.

What I mean is do you have any rubber isolators on the mount and so on?

No, it’s a solid mount.20180522_170302

Hmmm, this does look like a better way to mount that, with rubber shock isolators.


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I was going to say you could go full fancy and get a specific mount. Or DIY something depending on how you want to tackle it.

The key is to have a good, solid ground wire so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.