Honda cr125 bogging down when trying to start

Hey, I am newer to all things karting, my uncle a while back raced and he handed down this kart to me. It was running great at the track where we got help getting it ready to run, but when it was running for them at the track they where using their carb, and said our carb worked so we could just use that. So I think it is something with our carb, but when I took it apart and made sure it was all clean there where no problems I could see, any help?
(Sorry for my grammar mistakes and rambling, hopefully you can read this)

How about the fuel pump? Has that been inspected and cleaned? Many of the CR125s had a pumparound system which used a flow and return for fuel. Often the pump would get gunked up with oil and cause problems similar to what you describe.

If you can get video, and/or pics of your carb all the better.

ahhhhhhhhhh, thank you, I feel stupid, I should definitely check the fuel pump, and Ill try an get pictures, also I went in today and found the the needles c clip had been moved up about 2 notches, so i moved them down and it sounded better but it still didn’t quite run.

Never do that! :grin:

I’d say if the carb is the only different piece from running well to not running well, then that’s where the problem is. Can you have a shop rebuild it? Carbs are generally quite fickle it only takes minute amounts of wear on important bits to give trouble

Ok UPDATE, cleaned the carb again and rejetted, then turns out i just needed to really hit that gas to get it off its butt, then after that whooooooooo hoooooo. Thank you guys for all you help. Im just happy I didnt need to put more money into it!

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