Honda shifter clutlch not releasing


I recently bough an used CRG 125cc Honda shifter and the clutch pedal is too hard to pull with one hand so I didnt use it, but now that it looked into it apparently even if you pull it all the way the clutch does not release and it keeps engaged.

I took the clutch assembly appart, is there a part missing or something? whats wrong?

Some pics I took:

The engine manual’s diagram:

Hello? nobody has an idea?

Did you try to “unstick” it?

It’s been a long time since I’ve pulled one apart, but I can say that they would often drag/stick after laying up. Usually a solid application of the brake on the stand would be enough to break it free.

breaking while pulling the clutch?

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Yep, clutch handle pulled, power on stab of brake.

nope, doesnt work I mean, I disassembled the clutch there shouldn’t be any stickiness

Firstly I have zero knowledge on this specific subject, but have a pretty extensive mechanical background.

Maybe I am missing something here. The diagram shows 8 clutches and 7 plates between them. Your pics show only 6 clutches and 5 plates. Are there different thicknesses for different applications? I.E. Dirt Bike vs. Kart that would have more or fewer plates?

Found this video on rebuilding one:

Brought up a point about the plates having a flat side and a tapered side. Could that cause a clearance issue in the overall thickness of the stack not allowing it to fully release? Also talked about the springs having a certain spec. Could they be incorrect in either length or resistance? This could explain why it is so hard to actuate the clutch lever by hand. Last thought is that one or more of the clutches or plates is binding with its contact surface and not allowing the stack to separate.

Just some thoughts. Let us know how it goes.

What I find weird is that its a bike engine, so if the cluthc assembly diafragm isn’t spec and thats why its hard to pull well bike’s clutches are very soft too, so I dunno wtf is gong on.

it doesn’t feel like its a plate sticking, bur rather as some kind of clearance issue, ill look into it.

I had a similar problem, I couldn’t pull the clutch to release it; it was just too hard for one hand.

I took it all apart and determined that someone had put in really stiff clutch springs. I guess they were looking for a really solid launch at skusa.

I ordered some stock clutch springs, and all seems to be working. I put on a new clutch cable just to freshen that up as well.

The stock Honda has six plates and seven discs for the 1999. That changed in 2001, so don’t get that mixed up if you have a 2001 cylinder head.

Hopefully that clears things up.

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