Honing and fittnig new cylinder

Hi. Me and my dad wantd to hone the cylinder and get a new piston. My dad has owned a mechnicshop 6 years ago and had done enginering and all the schools needed and got top notch ecerything. I just want to know what you should think about. We have a drill hone a boar gauge for like 250euro. And we have a good measuring tool. What do i need a tourque plate for. Can i use any engine oil for it?

The torque plates are to put the same compressive force on the top and bottom of the cylinder that they see with the crankcase and head bolted to it. They don’t have to be fancy, a 6mm steel plate with a 55 mm hole for the piston and 4 holes for the studs would do.

You can hone the bore with a drill hone and install a piston. I’ve done this between heats (thank you, badly engineered OK engine) and there’s really no disadvantage to doing it yourself. Just make sure to clean ALL the chips out of the transfer and exhaust ports.

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I have 280 grit stones and i have a small hone

And i have this mitutoyo preddy good guage. What oil do i need can i use a normal engine or gear oil or just wd40?

I’ve used ordinary engine oil.

and what do i set the boar gauge to. like what size to calibrate the boar guage? do i take the size 54.00mm on the boar or the size inside the piston, so if i have 54 on mic and i zero the gauge there it should bo on zero? and how do i measure if i for example have 54.05mm with the boar??
So if i have zeroed te boar to 54.00mm and it goes 0,5mm up on the guage its 54.00 + 0,05mm and thats 54.05 ?? and after that i choose the pisotn size 54.05 with rad or green dot? is green dot 11 smaller and red dot 10mm smaller so thats green will be 53.89 and red will be 53.90

and how long should i hone like 20 sec, and again for the measure i set the guage on something i know and zero it and see how mutch it goes up? sorry for questions, lets say i caibrate at 50mm and when i put it inside it shows 1 turn so that will be 51mm or am i out in the woods? and i measure the axis witch the piston is spinning a and then axis b where the piston is layin on the walls.