Hoosier Tires

It’s been years since i’ve tried a hoosier tire at all, but curious how the newer models are going over in the market. I know some series further east are using them, including the ignite stuff using the r80. Anyone have any insight?

our local group is considering a switch to hoosier too…I’d also appreciate any info here to get out in front of what the change might bring.

The Hoosier R60B has been a great tire this year. They’re lasting a little longer than the A’s. They don’t have the initial fire off grip in the first 1 or 2 laps as they A but they produce a faster lap time. Personally I like them way more than the MG Red or Vega Red.

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In general I’ve had a good experience with Hoosier’s tires and company. They only make tires for racing, so that’s a thing. The addition of Hoosier Kartsport operated by Margay has helped the marketing and distribution focus for their karting products and there’s been a series of contingencies this year.

Good tires, good company.

I’m very happy with Hoosier tires, I’m a road racer so some of my observations will be different than a sprint racer.
In my twin engine laydown ride the R60B is virtually unusable, The R60A is noticeably better but still a little on the hard side. I’ve been running R55 tires this year and finding it nearly ideal for my application.

What kind of difficulties did you have with the R60B Greg?

Nearly uncontrollable wheel spin and a general lack of grip, I could put 50 laps on them and they would look lightly scuffed. On a lower horsepower kart they might have been fine, not really sure.

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One of the local series had an open tire rule and all the fastest karts were on r60b’s. In every class from 206 all the way to KA100s were all faster and performed better on them. I think maybe twin engines might be a little too much for them but on the sprint side they are great.

Our club announced this weekend that they are officially transitioning to Hoosiers. The default tire appears to be the R60B as they feel it’s the best club tire. They are reviewing possibly using the R60A for some classes.

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Andy, is this for Tri-c?

no it’s OVKA that’s making the switch

Oh ok. The club I race with here in So. Cal had their board meeting last week to make the same decision. Results will be announced next club race in a couple weeks.

I’m excited for the switch. They are fantastic tires especially for the club. They are the first tire that I think I have ever heard zero complaints about. I know the 206 and pipe classes will be happy with it

A’s are better than B’s in my opinion, but I’ll run a 10 race old Hoosier over a sticker YLC anyday.

so what’s everyone running for pressures on the Hoosiers? Not finding a ton of info out there on them. Wanted to pick up a set for this weekend’s fun race but the weather is going to be crap so I’m just gonna use up old stuff that’s going to be useless next year anyhow.

Margays setup guide has the b at 12-14

I never got mine to work for me lower than 14. Normally 15 to 16, but we run street races only on them.

Got this chart straight from the Hoosier Kartsport site.

How’s the longevity been compared to the MG and Vega?

Old thread. I’ve got a cadet driver (micro swift). We can run the A or the B. To me, softer=more grip = faster. Any consensus now that some time has passed?