Hopping through one corner (Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia)

So I’m at the pointy end of the field in tag restricted light, 160kg restricted X30s. The whole field is hopping thru a left hand corner that is 90%-100% throttle input corner. I’ve tried many different approaches like less speed on entry or a later turn in but it feels slower (haven’t looked at data although I should). I was wondering If removing an excess loose bearing on the right side of axle and moving weight to the left side maybe on my seat would better the balance. I’ve seen that raising the rear tyre by 0.5-1psi can help which I’m yet to try and might help as I run the right lesser working side half a psi less. I’m wondering whether balancing the karts weight left to right would have any negative impact on performance. Thanks

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Im hope this helps with hooping !!

I was helped a lot , years before with that ideas

If everyone is hopping through the same corner and it’s only that one corner, it sounds like it might just be something you have to deal with.

The danger of tuning for a single corner is you hurt the balance everywhere else. The corner would have to be super important to offset what you lose the rest of the track.

Essentially you are trying to limit the flex of the kart for that corner to fix the hop, which may make the kart bind on the rest of the track where the load is lower.

Any time I am trying to get rid of a hop, my first change is widening the rear track slightly. You could try widening it a little to see if that settles the kart down in that corner and see if it hurts the kart at all in other corners. Hopping usually means you are just slightly over the limit of the tire and if you settle it down a bit the kart will be really hooked up. I like this change because it’s a small change and likely won’t hurt the balance too much everywhere else.

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Okay thanks TJ, also I have a question about left to right balance. I assume the weight is biased to the right because of the engine. Would putting weight on the left side of seat to counter that be worth it ? It’s a clockwise track and I understand it is probably just trial and error. Could be a dumb question but just let me know.

Yes generally you’ll want to put some of your ballast on the left side of the seat to counter the engine weight. No way to really know how much you need to compensate unless you put the kart on scales. If possible, you should definitely do this, as initial seat and weight placement is a fundamental base for the rest of your chassis tuning.

The seat is offset a bit to the left to help this already.


Ahh ok this makes sense, I was getting really heavy and was having to take off weight on the kart. 1 change I made was a lithium battery, after many other weight changes the balance felt terrible and I’m pretty sure its because of the bias to the right.

May as well reply and say how much better the balance feels now, I had about 2kg of lead up the front and I was getting serious tyre temp and they were boiling when I was entering pits. I had mid corner understeer. I took the weight off and they look much happier. My rears are always slick and don’t seem to be under as much load as they can handle. The fronts are better but I will see if I can put less load on them to achieve a better balance. I’m running 1 deg camber, 1 deg toe out, neutral castor and ride height and I had moved the 2kg to the left of my seat to balance the right side bias. How would I go about reducing front load to improve the grip? Move a weight to the back of my seat to shift the balance to the rear a bit more? It’s a twisty track. Sorry if there isnt enough info.

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You could move weight to the seat but without scales it’s hard to say how much.