Hour meters - difference between cheap vs expensive?

I’ve noticed that most of the kart shops sell the Oppama PET-3200R hour meter, which goes for around $60. Some carry other brands that tend to be $30+.

Conversely, there are many generic hour meters on Amazon for less than $10: example. The reviews seem fine, wrap it around your spark plug wire, stick it on the engine, done.

Is there some reason to buy a more expensive hourmeter?

Resettable… Worth the extra.

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Is it though. If I have 5 dollar ones. And toss them. I’ll be on engine number 12. Or just keep a log of marks when rebuilds happen.

If they don’t vibrate to pieces I can’t justify the difference personally.

They are smaller and look better as well. :man_shrugging:t2:

It may be worth noting that I have a drawer full of those cheapies that I use on my 206s.

KA and shifter get the good ones.

Just out of curiousity what are you tracking on the lo206?

I used these doodads in my x30s for engine rebuild intervals but to best of my knowledge that’s not a thing with 4 stroke?

If the head hasn’t been off for tech I have a service interval for my valves/springs

I get a valve touch up or full head rebuilt every 4-5 hours.

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First, more than likely your Mycron / computer has a built-in hour meter (my Mychron 4 does) and unless you switch motors often it will do. With that said, I have a $12 unit that has survived 2 seasons without issue, but as noted by others I can’t reset it easily.

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I move MyChrons between karts and switch engines, so hour meters for me. Makes it more tedious to keep track of. Good point, however, for one kart one engine guys!

I found this one that is supposedly resettable and the battery can be replaced: link. $13 is cheap enough to throw on and see what happens. It also has an indicator light if you set an X hours alarm, which is nice.