How are we using karting to bring awareness of other causes?

Reading a post this morning on National Karting Alliance got me thinking, about the opportunities that some racers have taken, using motorsports as a way to positively bring awareness to other causes. Either because it affects them, or because it’s something they are passionate about.

So I was curious, how many of us here on the forums promote, or sponsor some cause outside of their own personal racing? I figured we could use this thread to learn more about each other, and where we might be able to help one another.

Personally, I work with OUILLC and the Northwest Kidney Centers to help raise awareness about kidney health. Kidney health has been a genetic thing in my family, and my mother has had a kidney transplant, in the last 8 years.

She’s now been recovering asambassador for kidney health, is working with the University of Washington Kidney Centers, and has been to the White House, several times to promote kidney health.

Racing-wise, I help by promoting Team Hope, which is the local fitness group of Team Transplant. They promote positive health and connect transplant recipients together in a support group for one another. (I’ve done two half-marathons and some fundraisers with them, and have run the Team Hope logo on everyone of my karts.)

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Are you raising money for research or rather evangelizing about the org? Both, I’d imagine? I’m curious about how you use kart racing to raise $. I suppose it’s no different than folks who raise money in half marathons etc by asking for sponsors?

Right now, I’m evangelizing, so I put them in the ‘supporters’ category. Occasionally, I’ll do a fundraiser to raise funds for OUILLC or Team Transplant, but that’s separate from my racing efforts.

I have other sponsors that I raise money through, just for racing.