How big is the TCKC Saturday Night Shootout?

Just curious how the SNS compares to other events in the PNW and/or the country. As of today there are 185 entries and the biggest class is senior 206 with 41 karts. How does this compare with some of the other races you all have done? Curious to know what the biggest field is you’ve raced in too. This is by far the biggest event I’ll have competed in but I generally don’t race outside of club events.

I think any event that has 40+ in one class should be considered as “awesome”. There are many club racers across the country that will never race in a class that big. Here in Indiana, we are spoiled. My local track has enough 206 Seniors to run a B main every week at their club races (20 directly into the A and 5 more from the B main).

An hour up the road, NCMP can have 30+ in their 2 biggest 206 classes at a “club” race. Also, they host the CKNA grands which includes the biggest classes this side of the Mississippi (maybe in the country).