How bout some links to cure the boredom?

To get us through the doldrums of winter, how bout you all link some videos or articles that are karting (or related)? There’s got to be some personal faves that will be new to some.

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Here’s some old-school karting videos of some of the best to ever do it.



Sure miss the track in Charlotte.

What are they doing with their hands on the direct drive engines? Are they covering the intake box to starve the engine?

After crashing out at Gateway in the road kart we missed the second race weekend of our schdule at MIS.
This was followed by Blackhawk Farms where this happened. He is in a animal powered situp sprint kart vs animal laydowns.

This is my favorite video from my channel. Smooth is fast. I think this took me three tries to get it right.

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They’re choking the airbox for a quick jet of fuel to keep it from seizing at high-revs. @KartingIsLife, maybe you can dig up the topic where we just had a discussion about this.

The FA/FSA engines were built very on-the-limit. They also are adjusting the carb at times to keep the mixture perfect.

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I got you on this one, TJ