How do I tell if tyres are too worn?

Hi there, I have another numpty beginner question to ask.

Other than performance drop off (which is hard to tell with a 10 yr old just starting out!) how do I tell when tyres are too worn? how long should a set last?

And also, how do you tell which are softs and hards? I have (apparently) a set of both, but I can’t see any distinguishing marking on them… They are Bridgestones.


There should be a wear depth indicator hole in the slick. If they look really shallow, or you can’t see them, then it’s time to change rubber (Especially in the latter case).


Bridgestone use a 3 letter designation for tyre compound e.g YDS, YEQ,YDK. The designation is in raised letters moulded into the sidewall close to the rim usually on one side of the tyre only. YDS are hard. YDK are wets.If/ when you go racing the tyre (maker ,compound , size)will be specified in the regulations for your class.Tyre life varies with compound from reasonable for a hard tyre to ridiculously short for the softs.


Iirc we would use the tires until the cord started to peek through. It was pretty easy to know when they were done because they’d last one race weekend and pretty much one full practice day iirc. This was Nicks medium lecont reds for example.


Tire life depends on your track, too.

Here in Indiana:

Whiteland, run em till you cord them…

New Castle, a couple races…


That’s great, thanks everyone!