How do you find old results in Speedhive?

The onsite search only seems to go back to 2011 or so. I was lucky and I googled one of my races – Florida Winter Tour 2009 - Race 1- Rotax and I got this [

Florida Winter Tour 2009 - Race 1- Rotax, Florida … - Speedhive

](Florida Winter Tour 2009 - Race 1- Rotax, Florida Winter Tour, United States - Official Event Results, MYLAPS Speedhive)

which was cool to see the old results. I tried to find other races – Stars and WKA Man Cup from the mid to late-2000s but no such luck.

Any ideas?

I’ve been able to find a couple 2004/2005 events of mine but they are few and far between.

Are you trying to search by event or by your name? If you’ve changed transponders over the years then that could cause an issue. Sometimes a track or series will change names (even if just slightly) and that can also throw it off. I usually just keep changing my search and scrolling endlessly until I find what I’m looking for :joy:

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By event. Name picks up my new transponder and 2 events with a rental transponder in 2009.

Answering my own question. With the Speedhive app search by month and year. Just need to remember month and year of events I participated in.

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My results are all in Race Monitor.

Just went back and did a deep dive on my results on Speedhive. Looks like 2006 has no results at all, or is that just me? 2005 and 2004 works.

I found you in 2006. Midwest Sprint Series. July 2006 @ Badger. And Wka race at Michigan’s.

Turns out I was at MRP in 2006 as well. I knew I raced there a couple of times in TAG but could not remember the years