How do You Get Your Karts To The Track?

I’m not one to drive a trailer around. I prefer the convenience of shoving my kart (s?) in the back or on the top of a daily-driven machine.

What do you use to get to the track and back? Do you trailer your stuff or do you get it done the hard but convenient way?

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Yeah I’m not a big fan of hailing a trailer unless I have to.

If I’m just going myself to the local track I’ll throw in in the trunk of the SUV (Volvo XC90). I bought a tow bar based bike rack to try, but that that particular car got written off in March :open_mouth:

I’ve done the roof of cars and trunk of wagons. Then when traveling with the team up this was we’d have 6-8 karts in the trailer.

A couple of these are mine:

I wrote an article a few years ago, about some of the different ways that you can get karts to the track. My van is in option 3. :wink:

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I have a Nissan Titan truck that does the job. It has a bed topper, which i usually remove, and a bed extender, so the short 5’6 bed still fits my 73.5" kart. I do own a large 24’ enclosed trailer that I use once in a while, but I generally prefer the convenience of the truck.

My ideal choice of transport involves using my prius without a trailer. I’m still figuring that out. 7/10 times, I’m solo both during the loading/unloading and when I get to the track (thank goodness for kartlift pro). So rooftop is a no go for me. I’ll take some pics and update this post.


I was going to say, I want to see pics of this Prius kart transporter. :wink:

2" hitch + aluminum kart carrier + airbags suspension to level out rear and I might have something. Kart weighs 200lbs empty right now though, so that + carrier exceeds the tongue weight limit of hitch. Plus I would preferably add a riser to get it up, but will likely weld to the carrier.

Can’t you possibly weld supports to the hitch on the sub frame of the car so it’ll be stabilized and take more weight? Just some ideas.

Possibly. Avoiding extensive modifications to the car at this time. Will likely trade in for a 2016 Prius in a year or 2. And this is just a “wish”, as I have multiple transport options right now. 45mpg with 200lb carrier load is extremely appealing though.

What’s the tongue limit of the hitch?

200lbs TL on the hitch.