How do you remove BirealArt/Compkart Front Hubs

compkart covert 3.0

I’ve noticed there is no Allen screw like on the rear hubs to remove the front ones. How do I do it?

Remove the nut on the end of the stub axle. Slides right off.

The CompKart uses a proprietary nut for the stub axle, same as what BirelArt uses. You should have received a tool with your kart. If not, I would contact your CompKart dealer.

Speculating here, but I would think that in a pinch you could remove the stub axle itself from the spindle assembly by removing the M6 bolt.

Yes, you could do it that way. Good idea if you lost the wheel nut tool. What a pain.

Here is the wheel nut tool. I had no idea what it was when I got my Comp Kart


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yes I have that, no idea what it was for. I know it fits into the side, but what do I do? just turn counterclockwise?

Right. The 4 little tabs slot into position on the nut and just turn it counter clockwise to take the nut off.

Go slow the first couple of times. You will get the hang of it.

ok will try that. Thank you

Hadn’t seen these before, What a crock, a proprietary wheel nut and wrench. Way to be user friendly, just dumb.

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We owned a new 2018 CompKart. No special wrench came with. Used the same socket to remove the spindle nut from it, the karts before it and the kart after it. That special wrench might be handy for adjusting the end play.

I prefer a standard socket but they give you the wrench so that softens it and once you get used to using it, it is fine.

I have not tried to put a standard socket on it like Tony mentioned. i am going to try that the next time I go into the garage. I did not notice much clearance though for a standard socket.

great success!


one more thing. I have put it back on but noticed that if I tighten it too much then the wheel won’t spin freely. Is there some secret trick to tightening it just right? Because I am unable to tell if it’s too loose.

Tighten it until it’s snug, and then just back it off enough for the wheel to spin freely. Usually like 1/4 or 1/8 of a turn.

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Like TJ said, tighten it so that it’s snug and then back it off so the wheel spins freely, but make sure the hub still isn’t sliding on the spindle left or right. You should be able to spin the wheel spacers with your fingers and still have it held in place.

ok thank you I’ll try that later :grin:

If anyone needs one of those wrenches the cheapest place I found one was MondoKart in Italy. Even with shipping it was significantly cheaper then from J3.