How do you remove minor rust stains from your axle

how do you remove minor rust stains from your axle

Light grit sandpaper or steel wool followed by some metal polish such as Autosol usually does the trick for me. Also, spraying the axle with some WD-40 between race weekends should prevent it from rusting.

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I use scotch brite and wd40 afterwards

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Same, but I use WD40 with the scotch brite

I now must know wether it matters, order-wise.

Steel wool/scotch brite works well. You can add some oil towards the end to polish it up nice and sparkly.

I stopped using WD40 as it always seems to make it way to the hubs and I end up with an important session where the hubs move in 20cm.

Where I’ve used WD40 on an axle or not, the ends of the axle and the inside of the hubs are always wiped down with brake cleaner.

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Scotch brite and wd40 has been my go to.

Kroil Oil + Steel wool. It’s one of the better non-corrosive rust remover out there. It’s great for surface rust. They always have “Google special” - it’s not a cheap oil, but it’s the best penetrating oil I’ve used to date.

For aggressive rust, Naval Jelly - do expect pitting.

I used Naval jelly when doing some car restoration stuff years ago. It was amazing. Pretty dangerous stuff if I remember correctly. Don’t get it on your skin.

I’ve had good results with WD40 + steel wool, but that’s something to watch out for. I just wipe it down really well.