How do you transport your driving equipment?

I have an idea and I’m trying to do some research, so how do you guys pack your suit, shoes, gloves, etc. to go to races?

For example, I have a duffel bag that I can fit 2 suits, rib vest, and neck brace (and a football one of my drivers gave me like a year ago?) into the main compartment, shoes in one end pocket, and rain suit on the other end. It has two smaller pockets on the front I put gloves and my mouthguard into, and then I have my helmet bag with my primary set of gloves, spare visor, and clear visor.

Along with that, what in total do you bring to the track? Most drivers I know have multiple sets of gloves and a couple suits in case it rains, some have a backup helmet and second pair of shoes, a rain suit, but only one rib vest and neck brace. Is there anything else/any accessory equipment I’m missing?

I used to bring mine around in a snowmobile bag.

Timberland rolly bag. Works great but I’d like something f specific for helmets eventually.

I kind of have a seperate setup for my cameras and sundry but I’d like to have some sort of foam lined carrying case for all that stuff.

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I use this Bell Bag usually sat in drivers seat of kart. I have shoes,helmet, 3 pairs of socks, multiple shields for Helmet, 2 pair glove, 2 neck rolls and 2 drover jackets. Sometimes, I take a rib vest.

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I keep my helmet in a helmet bag. I try to use a duffel for my suit, gloves, shoes, etc., but most of the time it gets chucked into the kart seat or back seat or the truck and remains there until the next race. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes, when I get to the next race it takes me 30 minutes to find both shoes and both gloves. :rofl:

Ordinary carry-on roller bag, if I’m driving to the race I clearly don’t need it to be available for flying that day.

North Face Base camp duffel S/P

Snugly fits helmet w spare visor, boots, suit, gloves, dry fit shirt. Rib protector sits on top once closed.

But….I don’t carry spare suit/helmet, rain suit, spare gloves/boots etc. Never needed.


I’ll have mine in a wicked big Alpinestars bag that’s way too big for it’s own good. We’ll either have the team haul it around (sucks to be them when that happens) or we’ll send it for baggage drop at the airport when we have it.

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Look into Factory FMX Motorcross Gear Bag XLarge.

That’s what I use, it holds 2 suits, 2 helmets, 2 rib vests, 2 neck protectors, 2 pairs of shoes, emergency kit with plenty of room to spare…it’s gigantic. It’s vented too, not too expensive



MX bags are great I have a Fly version of the same thing. vented pocktes for your boots is a winner. plus holds way more gear than you actually need.

I only drive to race meetings so it may be to big if you were flying all the time

I use an old Rollerblade (remember that fade?) bag that has mesh 2” wide zipper closure on the top to help air out the wet rib vest and suit that inevitably get stuffed in at the end of the weekend. A bag with a nice mesh outside pocket (around the end of the bag) for the rib vest and another for the gloves would be nice.

Was looking at bags and came across this sale. Ogio also has a few other designs on sale too. Can’t go wrong with the 9800 for sub $250


I use a mesh scuba diving bag, that way it keeps the funk protection/ smell at bay by being well ventilated in the Florida heat. Plus they are pretty inexpensive.

mesh bag


Yeah, Ogio bags are great. I should’ve gone for that instead of the Alpinestars. Sick design with the Aston Martin though!