How does one clean a Helmet and visor?

How should I clean my helmet and tinted visor after following someone with an oil leak? Can I also clean the inside of the visor? Any help would be great, thanks

A lady on the internet suggests that a damp sponge with baking soda on it should take the greasy stuff off the plastic. She was talking about cleaning Tupperware that gets all slimy and smelly. I suspect fat and oil share similar qualities. Worth a try and seems gentle if careful.

I have been using Molecule brand Cleaner & Polish and it has been working extremely well for me. I have a white composite helmet so every little bit of oil/grease/lube/bugs shows up on it. I just give it a spray and let it sit for a few seconds to penetrate and wipe it clean with a clean rag and it looks brand new again. I use it on the inside of the visor too, but they also have an anti-fog spray. When I purchased the spray initially, I was told by someone else that uses it that he even uses it on the really difficult tar and bug bits that he can’t get off the front of his car and hadn’t had anything else that worked as well.

Most important is to use a good soft microfiber cloth so you don’t scratch the visor. Start with the least aggressive cleaner you can like glass cleaner (invisible glass) and go more aggressive only if needed. Yes you can do the same for the inside of the visor. Easier if it’s removed to do that portion.

I just read my helmet manual the other day so I will chime in. Mild soap and water. I used dish shop on a soft cloth and the rinsed with other clean soft cloths. Worked really well.

As Chris noted, a good microfiber is necessary to prevent scratches.

Molecule Helmet Clean/Polish is the way to go. I use a little dab of WD40 to get hard grease/oil stains off and then finish it all with a soft microfiber and some Molecule.

overly complicated response here.

I ceramic coated my helmet / kart / everything which makes it tons easier to clean up.

For regular cleaning I’m using a self-made quick detailer comprised of:

2 oz of CarPro Reload
2 oz of CarPro Echo2 (cleaning agent)
22 oz of distilled water.

I have all these components for detailing my cars already so it was easily justified…but if you buy a bottle of reload and echo2 and a good spray bottle you’ll have years of quick detailer at your disposal that works well on just about any surface and leaves behind a layer of protection at the same time.

Over the top…yes…is my shit clean all the time…uh huh :slight_smile:

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Do I spray on the helmet first or clothe first? thanks

Someday when I start off with brand new everything I’ll do that

Doesn’t really matter.

@tjkoyen I was thinking about this in regards to your beautiful
Helmet paints. Have you considered the possibility of using a clear bra product on the helmet to protect the paint? Like I have on the front end of my car? Expel or something similar? It’s clear and stretchy and would help with pebble strikes, casual drops etc.

I don’t do it, but some open-wheel guys go ahead and do it on their own. For karting I don’t really find rock chips to be a problem.

I don’t like the clear bra on a helmet really, as it builds up dirt and grit around the edges and tends to looks kind crappy after a while.

Also, I do 9-12 layers of clear on all my helmets, so they’re more durable than a factory finish anyway.

Ok thanks. Good to know it’s possible. I may go that route when I get around to my eventual order.

my helmet is just white but ive had some sizable pebbles hit it and had no scratches. Worst thing is the visor getting hit and scratched, or gopro lens cracking (that happened sunday)

The back of my helmet looks like it’s being attacked by flesh eating bacteria from all the pebble strikes. They go deep through paint.

Here’s an abomination of a helmet. I can’t tell if I hate it or love it.

I am so sorry you had to see this.

@E13 Elias: the lens cover twists off and is replaceable, in case you didn’t know.

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The first time I used my iridium visor this year I got a rock chip. I’ve started using a single clear tear-off on it as protection which has helped greatly. Only downside is the flapping the side of the tear off makes when driving takes a bit to get used to. Also helps with cleanup obviously.

Also, no replacement lenses on the GoPro8 which is annoying as crap especially as they don’t come with the roll cages anymore. I’ve been using the rubberized version this year which has worked well on the kart. Not sure how much it’ll do if the camera comes off the kart though.

That’s a good idea, I may try that.

I wish I hadn’t seen that. I really wish I hadn’t seen that. Also, thanks, I thought it would be expensive like an iPhone screen crack