How far do you drive to your "local" track?

So how far do you drive to the track that you call home and do the most of your practice and racing?

I’m in Columbia, SC. An hour from CMP, 1:40 from Charlotte, 2:10 to Go Pro.

I’m interested in getting into LO206 karting.
30+ age bracket
8 out of 10 in mechanical ability
Been rental karting and autocrossing in the past.

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I’m about 1hr away from Stockholm Karting Center in MN. Next closest after that is probably Badger Kart Club about 5hrs away.

45 mins etown, 1.5 hrs NJMP, 2 hrs OVRP.
Prettiest drive: OVRP.

9 hrs to gopro :joy:

25 minutes Al Forsan
45 minutes Dubai Kartdrome
2hrs Al Ain raceway

Pretty spoiled for choice :grin:

1 hour to Road America
1.5 hour to Badger Kart Club
1 hour to Shawano, when open for karts

55 min to Badger Kart Club
1.5 hours to Road America
2+ hours to USA International Raceway
2.5 hours to Concept Haulers MotorSpeedway

NHMS - 75-80 min
Canaan - 2hr 10 min (very remote, back roads for over an hour) One time we tried using the cars navigation (2009 S5) and it didnt realize half the roads existed so it took us down dirt roads for 30 minutes and than we lost service. somehow we found our way back and made it just in time for qualifying

40 min to Circleville Raceway park…now closed not racing anymore :frowning:
1:45 to G&J Kartway
1:45 to MotorSport Country Club
2:10 to New Castle
6:30 to GoPro

0:10 to MCC
1:15 to G&J Kartway
2:00 to New Castle

1 hr to Monticello, FL. (My local)
2.5 hrs to Jacksonville, FL.
4 hours to Bushnell, FL.
4.5 hrs to Orlando

I want to run NOLA. But its an 8 hour drive +/-

All drive times are calculated with the “ish” mathmatical formula :rofl:

25 minutes to Gateway Kartplexx

45 minutes (40 miles) to Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, TX
4 hours (246 miles) to Speedsportz Racing Park in New Caney, TX
4 hours 48 minutes (317 miles) to North Texas Karters in Denton, TX

Those are the main ones we race at, there are a few others but we don’t go to them. Our preferred track is Speedsportz.

My home track Lafayette Motorsports Park is about 35 min drive.
Genesee Valley Kart Club in Avon south of Rochester is about 1 1/2h hour
NY race complex is about 2 hours
OVRP is about 3 hours

By the look of it I guess I am lucky to have that many possibilities less than 3 hours away.

So I did some math, so far the average distance for closest track is 53 mins. Second closest average distance is 2hr16.

So I’m right in average for options!

Sorry Richard, I excluded you, you seem like an outlier, haha. And I was looking for a US average, but that’s awesome to have so many!

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X1 Outdoors (currently out of commission): 90 minutes
NHMS: 2 Hours
Canaan: 3 Hours
OVRP: 3.5-4 Hours

If I wanted to race karts strictly at Road Race events:

Summit Point: 8 Hours
Pittsburgh (PIRC): 9-10 Hours
Nelson Ledges: 10 Hours
Mid-Ohio: 14-15 Hours

On the other hand, if I road raced something like a Spec Miata, Porsche Boxster, Formula Car, or some other full-sized racing vehicle:

Palmer: 25 Minutes
Thompson: 25 Minutes
Lime Rock: 2 Hours
NMHS: 2 Hours
Pocono: 4 Hours
Watkins Glen: 6 Hours

Frequently, I wonder why I even bother with this karting stuff.

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35 miles to Norman (no club racing any more)
92 miles to Tulsa
173 miles to North Texas Karters
252 miles to Dallas Karting Complex

Just take it to the track… Na, this unused parking lot works just fine for practice.

I’m 5 minutes walking to Dubai Kartdrome!

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Did you get that vampire running @lollo_betto


I hear you. In sim I have a blast with superkarts at full road course tracks like Road America. One of my favorite videos is a real superkart at Spa putting down impressive lap times.

Locally we have Hallett once a year, 84 miles - or about once a month for some kind of car action.

I forgot Pitt Race, 3:00 from me and a kart track I’d love to drive but almost nobody races 2 strokes there anymore and so maybe a random weekend with nothing to do I’ll pack up and try to go drive it.

From a convenience perspective Mid Ohio is the ultimate winner for me if I want to get the car out. :45 min from my front door and I’m there. Used to spend 2+ weekends a month up there either driving or instructing and I need to get the car out and do some fun weekends with it this year but every time I get in the Kart the cost and fun factor remind me why it’s usually the choice. Tried to take the GT3 out for a spin last weekend and I left it off of the battery tender thus had a dead battery :frowning:

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