How firmly do you hold the steering wheel?

I wrote an article a few years back about the important of having a soft touch on the steering wheel, so to not reduce the feedback that you’re getting. However, it got me thinking, how firm/softly do you hold the steering wheel?

I find that novices seem to grip the wheel harder, because they are either too tense, or maybe out of shape. Thoughts?

I don’t really grip the wheel much at all. I find I’m more pushing with my palms and my fingers just naturally curl on the wheel. I am, admittedly, not the most in shape endurance wise, so I’ve found I’ll occasionally have to pull myself with my inside hand to keep from leaning too much. I’ve gotten better about it recently.

Actually I think I originally had too loose of a grip on the wheel. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than too much grip. I think it came from me knowing gripping the wheel too tight is a problem so I subconsciously did it. Or I’m completely wrong and haven’t paid enough attention whatsoever.

I have a wheel death grip, but recently I’ve gotten to the bottom of it so at least I know why.

With the SH it’s a vintage frame issue. It is soft and spindly so it will try to throw you off the seat in some corners. Before the Ti axle, the kart would 2 wheel in most tight corners of my local track.

With the 206 (when I had it) and rental karts it is mostly a seat fitment issue. I am holding yourself in the seat through the steering wheel.

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I’m only bumping this thread back to the top of the list, because I mentioned the article to another KP member and so I’m pulling a shameless plug.

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