How free should my axle spin?

My rear axle, without the chain on, only spins for about 2-3 seconds after i spin it with my hands. I have no clue if that’s normal, or if it’s supposed to pretty much free spin. I ran it at the track and didn’t feel a loss of power, but maybe it’s just unnoticeable to me. I would post a video but I don’t know how.

You can upload a vid on youtube and set to be so only people with a link can se it…
Does it sound loud? How old are the bearings? Is the aligment from bearing 1 to bearing 2 good? (if you have 3 its same thing)
I can upload a link to a video of mine explaining aligment of bearings
You have to loosen the bearing screw (one holding it in place) and push it around like in the video, It should have a same gap all aroun, then do it for the other side
I usually change bearing every month or so (if they are bad)
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Here is a similar thing but on a small kart by power republic

In my opinion, means nothing. As soon as you put some lube that has some viscosity to it, they will slow down further, with absolutely 0 impact on drag once on the ground. On the contrary, worn out bearings are usually more “free”. Assuming your chassis is straight and you have doubts on rolling resistance and/or binding, there are 2 things you can check:

  1. Bearing alignment: loosen grub screws, clean the axle, lube it with WD40, remove brake hub and make sure bearings are aligned by sliding the axle side to side. If it’s hard to slide, bearings are not aligned and you should proceed per video above to align them
  2. Before you align, check the bearings while the axle is out for any play, grinding etc.

Once I get this far, I personally trash the bearings anyways if they have run for a while already or if I don’t know their history


I had nothing to do one day so i took a new bearing removed shields and first brake clean then ultrasonic and put some fin weapon lube in it it spun atleast 3 seconds (with tires on)
I aso tried runing bearing completly dry no oil at all, As long as it sealed and gets no dust i should be fine (Dont do this id you want dont want to clean bering every day i removed it after a day

People tend to worry about how free the axle spins but as long as the chain isn’t tight, you’re fine regardless of how long it spins. Like Andy said, once you’re rolling and it has some heat in it and the lube works in, it’ll be spinning nice and free.

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Noticed that when i changed to CZ oring chain. When cold its really not spinning anything. After a session around 15 min it spind almost better then a non o-ring chain