How free should the front wheel hub spin?

I put in a new front wheel hub. The old one I would call free spinning, it’ll spin for 10+ seconds easy. The new one will only spin for a few seconds before stopping. Is this normal?

Loosening the nut has no impact. Am I supposed to grease either the bearings or the spindle? Will it loosen up over time? I noticed the inner bearings don’t really spin, but rather, the whole hub spins as a unit.

They are usually a bit tighter when new. Take for a practice day and it should loosen up. Worst case toss a couple new bearings. Cheap but likely just needs to be broken in.

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My son and I timed how long the front wheel on his OTK would stay spinning when spun by hand. It kept movinb for over 3 minutes before stopping. The kart was about a month old at the time. I had bet 30 seconds tops and was blown away. I never checked without the wheel installed.

Yeah, on the stand, the new one stops within 5 seconds, the old one keeps going for a while. It seems like it would rob power if it’s not free spinning. I will see if it gets better after a practice day.

The bearings don’t seem to play a factor? The whole bearing seems to spin right along with the hub (as opposed the inner race staying still and the bearing itself spinning).

We don’t race on the stand. Get some heat in it and load on it and it will be fine. If the bearing isn’t chunky or seized, it’s fine.