How I measure hub sizes

Maybe a foolish question but can find a decent answer to how I measure my hubs on a Tony kart. Should I measure from edge to edge or should I also measure the threads to from the wheel side?
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Are you trying to see if they fit on an axle, or just compare short, medium and long hubs?

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Trying to see what hubs I got on the kart. They are already on a 50mm size N type axle.
Tony said there are 3 sizes . I think…

Normal to measure to the rim mounting face. ie ignore the stud length. Dimensioned drawings at

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Many thanks.
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Tony kart hubs are easily identified and in my experience are not described by there length. You have short, single bolt(mediums) or 2 bolt(long) the shorts are also single bolt but they are obviously short when compared to the other 2. But if you do need to know the length the are measured from the end(side that slides on axle first) to the machined edge of the opposite side, not including the length of the studs.


Thanks a lot Bryan that’s great help.
Problem solved here.