How is your trailer setup for Karting?

Here a pic of the tire rack. I got everything from Home Depot.


Last year I finally got around to building my own kart trailer. I decided on a compact single kart trailer that would be light to tow and easy to move around in the back yard by hand.
It needed to have a workshop/tool area on one side. As it was not going to be as tall as a two kart trailer, rather than a flip up side for the workshop section I decided to have a door that opens down to become a workbench.
The other key criteria was that I needed to be able to get the kart in and out single handed. The main thing that stopped me doing work on my kart at home was the effort needed to get the kart in and out of the trailer on my own, so I wanted to solve this.
Then you also need to jam in all the usual equipment, kart trolley, marquee, spare tyres etc. but at the same time you want all of this to be easy to load and unload.
Also I needed the trailer spare tyre out of the way so I bought one of those winches that let you wind it up underneath at the back. Putting it at the back also helped with weight distribution.
Hope this helps others with their own ideas.


Wow, nice fabricating. Well done!


Sweet tire rig… Mine’s basically a copy of yours except full 180° round on the ends of the ply. When you whack your head on things in the trailer like I do, eventually you learn to round 'em off… :slight_smile:

Sweet rig! Well thought out, and if I didn’t have a 6x12 already I’d be copying it! I may still integrate some features…

Can you guys give me an idea of the weight of the trailer setups you haul, size of the trailer etc.

16 foot enclosed trailer I got on the cheap. I have a generator and a surge protector to the the left of the kart for the air compressor. I just moved all my tools to the rolling tool kart so I don’t have to lug around a tool box.

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Finally almost finished it up. Just got to wrap up some trim work and we will be ready to go


Kyle Larsen doing it right. @DavinRS I think this is along what you were thinking about

If I was a one man show this would be how I wanted to roll


I’m looking to trailer two karts for lo206, my kart on the bottom, and a shelf to stack a cadet on top. Looking for something compact as I live in a suburb with no place to store. My questions:

  1. Can this be done in a 5x8 (or 5x10) without having to take anything off the kart, or do I need a 6x10? It’s hard to find dimensions of the door opening width online.

  2. Am I better off with a ramp (to roll the lower kart out? or would it scrape?), or doors (to roll a stand right up to the back)?

  3. V-nose? Round? Flat? Doesn’t matter?

For context, I have no kart, no trailer, no hitch, just trying to figure out what I need to shop for ;-).

Id rather be safe than sorry and go with the 6X10
I used to have a v nose which i stuck spare wheels and tyres in but its all personal preference.
Hope this helps

I have a 5x10. To get an adult size Tony kart in it, the side pods come off and a set of front rims with tires have to be installed on the rear axle.

Most adult karts run near the max rear width of 55 1/8” so if you want to put the kart in the trailer as it came off the track you’ll need a trailer at least 6’ wide. If you’re willing to do some disassembly you can go more narrow but understand the trade off.

For transporting 2 karts look to get a Streeter Stacker stand it’s the easiest solution I’ve come across and can double as a rolling kart stand for one of you.

If space is a big concern you can tow the karts on an open landscape style trailer but then understand everything is exposed to the elements.

All makes sense, sounds like 6’ is the way to go. Any opinion on ramp vs. doors?

I like the ramp. 1 person can load the kart. Either on the stand or on it’s wheels by lifting 1 end up (it will bottom out otherwise)

We have a door. At the track, we place the canopy off the back of the trailer. A ramp, I believe, would make loading and off loading a lot easier.

I like ramps, but in truth, you can load a kart in a barn door type w/o a ramp pretty easily if you have a 1-man kart stand, as you can just lower/raise in & out of the trailer; aftermarket ramps are an option, but they will take up space. That said, a ramp makes loading easier in general, & seems to be the popular option for that reason, although it does cost more & requires extra space in the pits.


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