How long do your brake pads last?

Looking on the forum I couldn’t find another topic that covered it.

I feel like my brake pads on my OTK wear out abnormally quickly, I’m using stock pads and bled the system twice. I’ve gotten much better about dragging the brakes however one set only lasts about 80-90 laps before they drop off. I don’t really know if they should last longer or if that’s normal as I don’t know a baseline I should compare to.

Thank you

Track is Orlando Kart center

IAME X30 Senior.

X30. I change each weekend on otk.


Holy Cow. Your brake pad budget must be bigger than my whole karting budget.


I can go almost a season on a set. But I know some (fast) guys who power-brake more will change weekly.

I have done about 10 days on my current set and they were used when I got them. I miiiight throw a set in for the USPKS race next weekend but I think there’s enough meat on them for a couple days yet.

Certainly in 206 I would imagine they would last forever. If you’re burning through them quickly, I would double-check you’re not dragging them much, and if necessary you can get the harder pads too.

At least 2 months… but yes I second TJ that I know guys changing it weekly. I do not have budget for that…

When I see my pad on 1/4 of their life, I change them… no need to be changing before it… when there is life there is life…


Wow. Those must be some really aggressive pads. How often do you replace your rotors?

I guess they last nearly forever on a shifter due to engine braking downshifting. One set easily lasted me a season. I never knew they were such a consumable on a single speed kart.

Half worn after 38 hours on my AK-USA (Mad-Croc) shifter. They wear less on a shifter because you have three brakes rather than one!

On my CRG the green pads lasted about 20 hours on the Duralcan rotor. Not sure how long the reds will last on an iron rotor.

Mine (italfreno, same as AK USA) were looking to last all year until a couple of people tested the kart and i suddenly needed new pads :sweat_smile:

Still one set change in a year is okay.

So my ADHD kicked in and I thought:

Nik did FA.
Locking the brakes up was a bit more of the style then.


Actually only one on the rear of the CR80, but to be fair JRP isn’t a really high speed track with only one heavy braking corner per lap.

Home track has some extremely hard braking zones. A Friday practice/Saturday/Sunday race day usually has me around 50%. I’ll practice with them. But race weekend equals new pads. This is x30.

206 I recycle all these sets or sell them for dirt cheap to people that under estimated their brake pads. Ka I get way more use as well.

Edit. I should have clarified each race weekend. For practice days or single race days some times I’ll leave them. Also only on my x30 generally.

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I am on 3 seasons on my brake pads in 206.


Here are some views about oem CRG pads

black = hard compound. Needs very high pedal pressure. For me hard to modulate as they need so much force. They lack on grip to lock the front on a shifter. After using the same set for many days - there was only slight step visible on the pads. These pads last for ever

red = soft compound. Less pedal pressure required. Easier to modulate. I like them. The kart stops harder, the front end starts to chatter before locking up. Plastic parts are shaking, the front drops - all the good stuff. They wear down fast. After each day - there will be a step in the pads

CRG makes also super soft pads. Black in color. Havent tried them

Has anyone been using the cheaper “sinter” pads from wildkart ? How do they compare to crg stuff ?

My Arrow 4S is probably still on its original pads from 2008. :grimacing: I don’t know if @fatboy1dh put pads on it when he owned it or not.


Definitely did not. I have literally never put new pads on a kart ever.

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Yet another example of ridiculous Aussie superiority. It probably works just fine with the cheapest fluid you can get at AutoZone too.

Somewhere in Australia Drew Price and Dave Sera are helping the boys unload another container of OTKs and thinking “we could do so much better, we have done so much better…”