How many holes is too many?

How many times can you remount a seat? Or is it one and done?

Some guys end up with seats that look like swiss cheese. :rofl:


When the seat stays start to bust through the seat, then it’s probably time to replace or re-glass.

Otherwise, if you use big enough washers, you can get quite a few sets of holes in there before it becomes fragile.

You will know when you have too many. Until then, keep going.

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Looks like it’s time to start drilling! Thanks for the replies

I’ve been a dummy and mounted a seat wrong the first time, drilled holes in it twice, over time with seat stays adjusted (re drilled for lower and higher ride height) I’ve got about 4-5 empty holes in the seat, some became one massive hole lol, I’ve never really felt any different, as long as you have a quality seat and use some big boy washers you should be good.

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I also came across these just know looking up holes in seats,

Never seen something like it before.

I don’t think it’s really necessary but maybe someone else has used them, or something like it

How about the adjustable seat stays? Do you guys use those?

You should be able to adjust the length and not have too many holes in your seat.

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Well it’ll work till it doesnt, and when it stops working, than you know its too many.

Jokes aside, large washers can make a seat that looks like swiss cheese work