How many organisations

Being new to Karting a little confused with what seems to be (maybe I am wrong) a lot of different Organisations?

There are a ton and leads to a problems with scheduling. To me there are only x amount of karts in any given area. The 3/4/5 series are all fighting for those same racers.

You’re rightly confused!

For the past few years, organizations have started catering to one engine manufacturer, so what you’re getting is a lot of spec series. For example, IAME is the popular engine in some places, so those orgs run IAME programs. Vortex is popular in other places, and Rotax is popular in other places.

Club racing is still pretty open, as it should be. If you’re getting into the sport, take a look at your local club track and find out what the popular packages are there. That’ll give you an idea of what’s popular in your region and will help steer you to each corresponding next level of karting as you go.


Where are you located and we can point you to the appropriate club level series to get started.

They will tell you what you should get if you want to race. Trying to infer this from the internet will be difficult.

It’s quite simple if you sort of stumble into racing via an acquaintance or whatever who can tell you ok here we race x. Go buy Y engine and X kart.

Largely because most karting websites struggle with 21st Century communication. :wink:

We can help navigate the rivers. They are constantly meandering :smiley:
Tell us a little about where you are going to be racing?