How much hub on axle

I bought a used OTK with a 1000mm neutral axle. We want to test it out vs our current LM30. It was suggested that I widen out the rear, but I’m running out of room. How much of the hub is recommend on the axle before you risk handling issues, or worse, losing the hub?

I have about 1.75 inches of hub/axle contact currently.

My rule of thumb is to have the pinch bolt like 1/2" or more over the end of the axle.

Handling issues aren’t really a concern here. The hub coming off is the main concern.

Based on that info, I’m likely to leave it in it’s current position. I don’t want to play with fire and lose a hub in turn 1 at Badger!

I’m comfortable as long as the pinch bolt is still on the axle. :man_shrugging:t2:


You could also try a wheel with less backspacing, as that would put more hub on the axle. Are you using OTK wheels?

I have OTK wheels, but am going to use AMV wheels.

Nice. AMV 3F is a great starting point in terms of grip level, and also has the same backspacing as OTK wheels, so shouldn’t be a problem to keep plenty of hub on the axle.