How much lead do I need?!

Hi Brains Trust,

Seeking your collective input on how much lead I should be adding. I’ve just clicked the go button on my first race at the end of the month
I’ve got a PCR with a rotax evo, & the plan is to race TAG Restricted Medium (187kg)

I weight 88kg myself so trying to get an idea of how much weight I should be adding to get me over the minimum weight requirement

Thanks in advance

You need to weigh yourself and the kart. It’s the only way to know.

If you can borrow bathroom scales from 4 friends put one under each wheel and sit in the kart. Then add them all up.

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Thanks Richard, was hoping for a shortcut if anyone had a reasonably close idea of kart weight

Somebody might chip in with the exact weight of your kart - CRG same config is 80kg.

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Bring more weights than you need to the track. Have them drilled before going to the track and have long bolts to attach them. At the track, weigh the cart with the minimum amount of fuel you want to have after a race plus you and your race gear. Scales from one track to another will differ as well as the same scale at the same track will differ between weekends.
Good luck.

For the amount of lead you need, you can just put your kart on a bathroom scales to get close.

Make a mark on your fuel tank for level when weighing.

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My guess is 10-15kg. At least that should get you close.

I weigh 73 kg. I have 11 kg on the kart to get to 175 kg. X30 on a Compkart.

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While we are on the topic, is gas level a preference? I run about 1/4 tank thinking I don’t want the weight up front up high so use weights to balance it out. Not sure if that is ideal but curious as I think it’s relevant to the “how much weight to add” thread