How often do you adjust your Idle on your 206?

Do you find yourself having to adjust the idle on the 206? I find I have to do mine when I fire it up, but admittedly the weather and temp is fairly different each time I use it.

How often do you find your idle needs a tweak?

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I was able to find a sweet spot and leave it through out the summer. I tweaked once or twice in the fall especially cold morning. I guess I am more like do not touch if it is running people.

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I don’t idle, that’s what the pedal is for.

Virtually never. I have idle air screw very rich and idle probably at 2k. I do not remember.

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Idle screw is backed almost all the way out. It does nothing.

That doesn’t sound good :smiley:

Noob here: what is an idle? :joy:

The little needle that makes the kart keep running when it’s standing still. You twist it. Or in my case look at it confusedly.

Idle screw, whats that? I just tighten my throttle cable ever so slightly, lol.

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I keep the idle on the high side with my kids kart. I don’t want to risk it stalling if they spin out in a race. Sometimes tgey csn recover from an off track excursion but not if the engine stalls… that being said I probably only adjust it when there is a large change in temperature and the idle is way off. Or whenever I make a carb. Change or adjustment.

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