How should I transport my kart?

I want to participate in an event in Italy, but the problem is that I do not have a vehicle which I can use to bring my kart. The track is around 1500km away from my location. What are some not very expensive ways I could transport the kart?

Box it up with your tools and spares, band it to a pallet, bring it to the freight terminal, and take the same train it’s taking?
Amtrak will do this in the USA; I’m not sure how European railroads will handle the connections.


Do you mean you don’t have a vehicle at all?

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Yes, I haven’t saved up for a car yet :laughing:

Got it. Otherwise I was going to say put the kart on a roof rack.

So Charles’ idea seems pretty clever. Is there anyone from your track that is running the event (or might be if you can pool resources)

Is it expensive to rent a van to go back and forth? I mean in the us you can rent like uhaul type of van. But idk in the europe tho. Maybe rent like a hiace maybe? Like this one for example. Cargo van?

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Use a team, they can transport it for you
Or like Kenny said above, rent a van from Hertz

Where exactly are you at and where do you want to go?


I throw it in the back of my truck.

Keep roof rack type and weight restrictions in mind, as well as how you fasten it

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Good point. KZ karts are close to the max, 100cc air cooled should be OK (without lead). Getting the kart up there can suck.