How to avoid slicing open your tire beads?

So I have been running the TS Racing trailer hitch tire mounting system for several years and its been fantastic! However, now that I moved up classes and I’m mounting wider tires for X-30, this same set up (that has been tried and true), is all of a sudden not. As every wider sized tire I tried to mount I’m cutting into the bead of the tire I’m not 100% why!?

Any ideas and/or recommendations?

I can mount smaller tires no problem, but all of a sudden (with the wider tires) I’m destroying beads left and right. As for tire lube I usually just use a little simple green to lube up the tire. Again, never had any issues in the past. But now, I cannot (not) destroy a tire bead?

Tire mount
tire band

Where are you cutting them?

On the bead itself, by the lip of the rim. Douglas wheels and Swift.

Got any pictures of it?

Give me 24 hours, I have to travel for work, but yeah. . . .

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RIpping lips, and I’m not talking about fishing unfortunately.

Yikes… Feel free to tell me is this is a dumb question, but are you mounting from the back side of the wheel?

Correct, from the back. I can get the first bead past without damage, but the opposite side is where I’m damaging them. But like I said, I’m only having this issue on the wider tires. I’ve destroyed two tires this week alone.

That really doesn’t make sense but it looks like you need to get the first part more under the ledge before you start shoving them the rest of the way on. :man_shrugging:t2:

Spun Aluminum wheels typically are harder to get over than mags but that’s the only thing I can think going on here.


Vega reds especially seem to do this very easily. I have done similar to some of mine, usually on the dismount but haven’t found a solution yet.

I had the same problem with Vega, Reds and my new tire scissors. They get sliced up.

Dean, Are you using a tire scissors to mount the tires? Also, using this stuff make a big difference,

The scissors need to be modified slightly so that the leading edge is rounded and not so sharp. The metal is soft, so filing the edge is easy. Also, go a bit slower and let the pressure on the tire seat the bead before putting any more force into the scissors handle. The lube helps here too.

Caveat: I’ve never mounted Vega just Evincos.

No tire scissors, never used them before. The pictures I uploaded are the exact set-up I’m using (minus my bead breaker I forgot to upload), and to date they’ve been flawless. Go to a wider rear tire, not so flawless, lol.

I just bought some black gasket maker to use to see if I can salvage these two brand new tires I destroyed. Sonofa :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve had luck smearing red RTV all around the bead to solve nicks and cuts.

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