How to determine chassis age from serial #

Hi guys, I’ve been looking at a used chassis to upgrade my son from his birel AR28 to an AM29. I found one with the following # and was hoping that someone here would know how to determine the age.



I am not able to find the link, but MRP used to have this fantastic breakdown list of how to determine the age of your chassis by the serial number.

I’d suggest reaching out to them- Michiana Raceway Park. Or of course PSL karting.

I think this is what you were talking about, Eric.

That would indicate that your AM29 is a 2000, Jim, but I’m not sure that’s accurate with these karts. My son Jonathan is running an AM29 with almost the same markings (AM29C X 4600…something, I don’t remember the last numbers) and it doesn’t have 2000-vintage bodywork. I believe it’s a 2009 or 2010 and it’s competitive. We have a 2014 Ricciardo DR-AM29Y and it’s the same as the older kart as far as I can determine with the exception of the bodywork.

So, long story short, I don’t know for sure what year it is, but it’s 8-10 years old by my guess and potentially will work very well today, assuming the frame is straight and in good condition.

FWIW, these are 28/30mm frames, which seems small, but they like a little more weight. They are faster in Senior Medium configuration (350-360 lbs.) than at Junior (300-310 lbs.) in our experience.

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Thanks for the information. If they work better for the heavier guys, maybe I’m best to stick with the AR28 for my son since he’s just in Cadet this year.

Maybe I should buy the AM29, slap a Briggs on it and enter the masters class for myself!

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Yeah, it would be terrible for your son in Cadet. Funny story, we bought ours thinking it was an AM28 and tried using it in the Yamaha Cadet class at the time. It was awful. We kept it for when Jonathan got older and I’m glad we did, I really like them. I’d keep the AR28 through the Cadet class and early Junior years, if it’s legal, and move up to an AM29 when he outgrows the 28. The Masters idea for you isn’t a bad one… :slight_smile: