How to dismount tires - AMV 3F fronts by hand

Looking for some tips here from the poor souls that mount/dismount tires from these rims. Clearly, they were designed by an evil mind. As much as they work great, they are a giant PIA to take off.
Normally, I can mount/dismount a set of reds by hand pretty quickly. The issue I’m having with the AMVs is with the second step of dismounting them, when you need to pull out the interior rim from the tire. Due to their design, there is barely any gap to get them started. The rears I can manage by using my weight, longer rim=more lever. Fronts are a massive pain.
How do you you do it without tools?

I love AMV wheels, have used them almost exclusively for the last year and a half, and will continue to use them (Tigers work very well for me in KZ). That said, I’ve been in your exact situation, and the tools required to complete the job ended up being determination and rage :laughing:

Usually I dismount them with a tire machine at the track. It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to do any at home, so I can’t recall if a little bit of WD40 helps or hurts (I feel like it helps), but will try dismounting some this weekend and let you know.

@Paul_Montopoli is the US importer and might have some insights on why they’re made this way. Maybe everyone at the factory has hulk strength and impeccable tire dismounting technique?

I just spent 4 days at the SuperNats with Claudio Stefanello the AMV engineer and owner. We discussed this a bit…unfortunately it was all in Italian so I only understood about 80% of it.

Interestingly, the dimensions of the “lip” are exactly the same between the Lynx and 3F but the Lynx is easier to dismount because of the shape of the “bell” of the wheel. Therefore there is not a magic trick to get the tires off other than pinching the tire down and get your angles right.

Personally I highly recommend a tire scissors and use it on the outside and inside sides of the tire. For me, it works well.

Others like the KartLift tire changer.

Also the tire soap really helps.

thank you both for pitching it, glad to see I’m not alone in this struggle! I’m just trying to avoid using the scissors to pry out on the inside and ruin the finish…I’ll do some tests and report back!

If you want to avoid ruining the finish you could just wrap the end of the tire tongs in a sacrificial soft material. Few layers of duct tape may work

I made a couple of small scratches in the beginning with the scissors, but have not scratched one in a couple of years. And I changed a lot of tires this past 2 years. Mostly MG Yellows and LeConts though. A few MG Reds though.

Tools are required unless you want to hurt your hands. When I sold my sons old chassis, I threw in a good set of AMV wheels for free because I was tired of them being such a pain in the ass for tire changes.

Make sure you’re not attempting with cold tires. The warmer they are, the better. Set them in sun, put them in front of heater, whatever - but cold = suffering.

We run MG reds on 3F at the local track, so I have the joy of changing 4 narrow tires/rims every time for my little guy’s cadet… I dread it. Lots of Dawn dish soap, tire tool, warm tires, making sure they’re coming off the back side of the rim, and a little bit of cussing.

I’m not too proud to admit that I got so fed up with it that I tried to cut tires off the wheel. Bad idea of course, don’t be tempted… but then you’re probably smarter than me and it never crossed your mind! :slight_smile:

Not alone!! I struggle with mine only in the chilly spring and fall…summer months they mount and dismount so much better!

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Put your tires in a running car with the heater on, that will soften them up but be careful, if over done, it will smell up your vehicle.

As others have posted, get the scissors tire tool, it makes tire dis/mounting much easier.