How to Dispose of Used Tires and Fuel

Curious what people do with old kart tires and 5-gallon gas cans? I’ve been putting the kart tires in the trash at home. The gas cans have been a little tricky. Tried putting in the trash but the trashmen pull it out and leave it at the curb for me. I was able to put some in a dumpster at work. Does anyone have better ideas?

I take my tires to a tire shop. They let me drop off 10 for $5.

Besides the tire shops, some gas stations will accept tires. The best gas station fee I’ve found is $2 a tire.
I let the empty can sit outside for a week without the cap on. With a metal shear, the top and bottom are removed. The remain cylinder is flattened and folded in halve. Tape the top and bottom together. Tape them all together so there are no exposed sharp edges. Then into a garbage bag and into the trash.
Using a recuperating saw does not work well.

Our county charges $7 per passenger car tire to dispose of. When I took tires to the facility the guy working there tells me to put in a particular chute. SO I ask what do you do with them, thinking they did something “green” with them, nope, they get incinerated along with the rest of the trash. So I don’t feel like I am doing anything wrong by putting them in the trash.

Not sure about the empty gas cans. But check with your local indoor or rental place. Sometimes they’ll take old tires, or we just take them to a local tire dealer.

I am curious to know. Two of the local tracks around me, NTK and DKC have scrap areas for old fuel cans and tires. I am not sure what happens to them though. I will inquire. From an Automotive background, most shops sell all of the old tires to scrap companies that will resell the worn tires to Used Tire Shops and dispose of the rest. I’m guessing the revenue from resell exceeds the cost to scrap.

Unlike back in my day when playgrounds were safety hazards, it seems every tot-lot is lined with crushed up car tire bits, minus the cording.

Imagine a tot lot with MG yellow chunks as its padding. That would be interesting on hot summer days.

Tires - our county takes them free of charge at their quarterly hazard materials collection day.

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I burned my old 2-stroke fuel/oil mix in a string trimmer.