How to do a standing start

For our big race of the season, everyone does a le man angled standing start. (Without the running) the gearing will be as top speed as possible and im racing with in world formula (low hp) so we will struggle off the line. How do I do well at this? Should I hop in the kart? Kick the wheel? Full throttle? Help!

Run up behind it as if you were push-starting an ICA, then full throttle as soon as you’re in the seat.

We start sitting in the kart

You’ll see people seat hopping to get going in low powered rentals though I’m not sure it does anything other than release nervous energy.

What are the exact rules? :smiling_imp:

Depending on how quick they get of the line, I can imagine a scenario where one could jump out the seat quickly and gain momentum :slight_smile: It’s probably skirting the rules a bit, but who doesn’t like a deep regulation dive?

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Hopping does make a difference in low power karts, the idea is to momentarily take weight away from the rear wheels helping them to spin up. Obviously soon as you plonk back down you slow the wheels again but they’ll have an amount of rotational inertia which is what you’re ultimately making use of. Try it on a start then don’t do it on another, you’ll see a difference comparing your acceleration vs the other karts.

Keep the wheel straight as much as possible when you’re setting off

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Making sure your clutch is in good shape and reaction time is way more important than any other “tricks” you can do.

Push the gas pedal and go.

World formula, so I could run faster to 10mph.

I’m assuming I shouldn’t just mash the throttle, so how hard and quickly should I hit it?