How to drain oil cleanly

I have a 206 mounted to an Ordenthal mount and I am looking for ideas to drain the oil without making a mess. The mount is slightly larger than the motor base so oil runs down the mount and then onto the frame which is directly in line with the drain hole.

Also, the drain plug appears to have thread locker on it, should that be reapplied?

That’s not thread lock and you do not want to use any on there …it’s just factory sealant. I haven’t had any of my engines leak from the drain plugs when installed snug. No need to over tighten them. Take a 2 liter bottle of soda, cut it halfway down and make a big u shape on one side. This will make a homemade funnel that will allow you to put up against the base of the engine and drain into a pan. Loosen the plug until it’s almost out and can be turned by hand, put your soda bottle in place and reach down into the large u shape and finish removing the plug. With only 14oz of oil in the engine, you could probably put the cap on the bottle and catch all the oil if you’re careful. Otherwise put your pan under the bottle opening.
Crude drawing for reference on how to make the homemade funnel.


NSEW - Noah Stark sells these cool plates. Look him up on FB.


It’s probably thread sealant. Good idea to use a tiny bit, I always do on drain plugs and they never leak. Just a little bit on the outer threads. Permatex 59214

Could you get a vacuum pump in there?

That’s another way. My recently purchased Audi has no oil pan drain plug and everything is vacuumed out through the dipstick. I bought a 6.5L version and plan on using it over the weekend. Looks like I’ll give it a shot on my kart through the top pulse,fill port on my next change :+1:t3:

Put a pipe nipple or short length of pipe permanently where the drain plug goes. Cap the end.

@TorkFlyr, my lawn mower does exactly this - a short section of rubber hose with a cap screwed on. You could clamp it to a chassis tube when not needed so it isn’t flopping around.

I’m sure it will be fine, but the non-expert in me wonders if there is a difference in vacuuming out a splashy-oil crankcase vs. a pressurized system…

The vacuum pumps are basically just a straw with suction at the other end …as long as the straw reaches the bottom of the “cup”, it’ll extract all the fluid. The system is never pressurized in either case…you’re just drawing the oil out of the bottom of the crank case or oil pan.

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That sounds pretty harmless then, thanks!