How to drive a rental kart in the rain

My upcoming endurance race seems like it’ll be a wet one, so I was wondering what techniques and advice you guys have for me. The karts will be fairly heavy, and on slicks

Drive in hard and crank the wheel to help slow down. Hunt for the grip; it may be offline, it may be down by curbing. But you’re probably going to have to man handle it.

Anything I can do with my body to help? Sit more forward? Sit higher? Lean inside? Outside?

Round the outside. The double apex that leads to the other double apex that goes in front of the pits… both of those turns… explore the very outer edges of the turn if it’s really wet. Like super wide.

Remember it’s slicks. The grip is really low so when you are crawling around the outside, it’s grippier.

Yeah, leaning over the side that needs the weight helps. TJ also
mentions physically slamming the seat with your body to force the damn thing to Jack helps too.

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Videos for reference

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My son describes it as a 1000hp monster in the rain. ( he does extremely well in the wet)
Hunt for traction- rain line
Gentle inputs, gas, brakes and steering. If you’re understeering, more steering input won’t help. You have to unwind a bit to regain grip and gently turn back in.

Good luck!

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Only for the braking. You need to be really aggressive with the steering and throttle

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