How to feel the rear end sliding?

I’ve been struggling with the rear end on exit and entry sometimes and i just wanted to get some pointers on how to feel the rear breaking before it gets dire also i don’t wanna make any setup changes just improve my overall feeling of the kart

Pay attention to your front end, probably. 9 out of 10 times when someone without good feeling has a rear breaking loose, it’s really a push kick in my experience, especially if it’s a sudden loss of rear.

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Three words.

Seat time. Seat time. And seat time.

Ok that’s 7


I’d say you’d feel little moments of hoppiness/chatter as the tire loses grip and then quiet tire as it slides flat. You’d feel momentum bleeding off too as the tire flat slides. Not entirely sure I am answering the question but grip loss feels like a momentum dump. Kart loses loading.

In straight line braking, your rears will break free by shifting sideways as opposed to plowing straight. That’s the lock up moment. At that point you’d reduce/release brake pressure to have rears re-find grip and back end straighten back out.

Depending on how weird you want to get, you can try very low (like single digit) tire pressures. During a practice day of course, not while racing. This will exaggerate how the loading of the kart works and how the load transfers prior to sliding.

I’m a big proponent to getting out there on slicks if it’s raining too.