How to free up OTK Baseline as the track evolves

I’ve noticed (now obvious) pattern were as the track evolves the slower I get, usually its on the mid to exit or the corner that I start to hear the engine labouring and the drive out of the corner is not the best.

Is there a order of operations on how to start freeing up or removing grip from a standard OTK baseline?
Assuming more negative camber, reducing front to 2 small rings, stiffer front bar, harder axle or cut would be the right direction…


All those adjustments are correct except the stiffer bar. The stiffer bar will make the kart set the inside rear wheel down quicker and make it bog worse on exit.

Thanks TJ, is there any preferred order in which you would generally tune, and would you also look at adding or reducing caster? (my thought is reducing)

Single or double seat stays?

It really depends on what the kart is doing as to what I would start with. But reducing caster or going to the H axle are both pretty good plans for when the rubber builds.

MXC wheels, H-axle and less caster seemed to work for me as part of the solution to reduce excessive grip.

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