How to get sponsorship

People often ask how they can get sponsored. I want to share a story of one individual who has done it. In part he did it as a result of a good grassroot program by Margay and part figuring out how to bring value.

In 2017 he raced in a rental series at St. Louis Kartplex. The winner of that series was loaned an Ignite kart from Margay to race for one year. He at the time was a student at SIUE state university in a mass communications degree. He did a good job putting together videos of his racing, and competitors.

His good job promoting Kartplex and promoting the racing led to him working at Kartplex and working closely with Margay as he began racing Ignite. He struggled early if I understand correctly. He kept promoting the racing, and those helping him. By 2021 he had well over 1000 followers on his YouTube channel, and had won the 2020 series. Winning that gave him something like a 3 day driving school at Skip Barber. What did he do? He made videos promoting the event.

This weekend he announced he is starting a marketing job with Skip Barber. In addition to whatever marketing work he will do with them he will also be racing in their racing school series. Will he make it to being a pro driver? Who knows. What we know is 4 years ago he started racing in rental karts. He has since finished his degree while working at the race track, creating promotional videos that lead to support. He has now finished his degree and he is starting at a job in his field of study, in the sport of racing, and that allows him to race at the next level.

Congratulations to Bobby Krug. That is how you do it.


:trophy: Impressive. Well done, indeed. Great to see initiative and wisdom like that.