How to Get Started in Karting Guide [updated]

We’ve updated our 30-page “Intro to Kart Racing” guide on the OVKA website. While it’s geared toward racing with us, there’s also quite a bit of general advice for shopping for karts and getting started in racing.

Check it out at:


This is awesome. I always wondered why my old series just kind of threw you in the deep end without any handouts.

I think it’s very easy after a season or so to fall into your habits and forget just how steep the learning curve is. Things that become obvious and second-nature are actually not very clear to brand new families.

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This is a great section to include:


As with any sport or hobby, karting can get expensive very quickly. To find success and avoid any surprises, its useful to take stock of both the one-time costs and running costs for karting before jumping into a full season championship with an engine you’re unfamiliar with. The big one-time costs such as the kart and engine will be at the forefront of your mind, but don’t forget that fuel, oil, tires, and even brakes and chains are consumables that will have a long-term running cost, depending on how often you race.

Smart to mention the costs

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There’s a huge range in costs between buying a several year-old 206 setup and a brand new OTK chassis and KA engine, but there’s no reason to hide the fact that either way, you’re going to be in for a couple grand of expenditures if you’re starting from scratch.


Indeed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see versions of this on the internet, somewhat plagiarized. Y’all did very good work here.

I did not have a chance to read all way through but the one thing that I might add…

A section on the unwritten rules of racing. I mean kind of the stuff that isn’t spelled out exactly like what’s “fair” and what isn’t. You can’t force someone off track, etc. could be specific to your series.

You can say “read the sporting code” back to front like they do in iracing but reality is we are lazy and need it summarized into a “short”. Especially if new.

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Great information! I will send some people over to the site.